Measure your performance continuously

Avoid performance issues consistently and before any deployment with a direct integration with your repository provider and your CI/CD workflows.

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Trusted by performance experts

Continuous Benchmarking

A safer path to delivery

Make sure your deliveries are production-ready by continuously measuring your code execution speed.

Prevent UX Regressions

Every millisecond counts to ensure an optimal experience for your users. Check your latencies and make sure your users will not be affected by your new deliveries.

Avoid Production Issues

Some lines of code are critical hidden threats ready to explode when your system is scaled up. CodSpeed helps you anticipate and reduce the risk of suffering from explosive execution times.

Optimize your Cloud Costs

One day or another, Cloud Costs will be a topic for the development team. CodSpeed helps you maintain your Cloud & Computing costs at the lowest.

Reliable performance metrics you can trust

Stop second-guessing your performance data. With CodSpeed's advanced CPU instrumentation, experience unparalleled performance measurement stability, reducing variance to less than 1%. Finally, a performance tool you can trust, run after run.

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Track performance within your current workflow

We integrate tightly with your existing stack. You can turn any existing test into a new benchmark that will be continuously monitored. Performance reports will be included in your pull requests directly.

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Inspect the performance breakdown of your deliveries

Check the global impact of a new feature on your application's speed. Analyze which part of your application is the most impacted by a new feature and which commit introduced the performance changes.

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Manage your performance changes with confidence

Acknowledge your performance degradations and keep delivering while building a performance improvement backlog. When the time comes, you will be able to prioritize your performance improvements and know where to start.

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Get a performance overview for your upcoming features

Compare branch performance and anticipate performance changes before they are merged and released. Enable status checks to ensure that production performance will stay within your expectations.

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For large organizations with advanced security and compliance needs.

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